Katja Klopf works closely with owners and investors to give each project its distinct DNA⊕ that defines its market positioning:

D – Design Details & Environment
N – Nature & Elements
A – Attitude & Service Approach

She has a natural ability to imagine, create and transform products and spaces into memorable lifestyle experiences.

When approaching a new challenge, she always has the customer experience and guest perspective in mind and aims to ensure a sublimely creative “surprise” factor:

…a guest journey filled with timelessly refined details, authentic essence, artistic flair, and individual spirit …  all achieved with reasonable investment.

Clients can opt for the full-suite of services or simply select one or another ELEMENT that they require.

I always have the customer experience and guest perspective in mind.

Assessment of the Now

Detailed assessment of a client’s current product or property in terms of overall guest experience / or product usage and identity within the market and its set of peers.

The assessment will objectively highlight the product or property’s assets, drawbacks, needs, as well as, risks … BUT most importantly, also the opportunities and potential it offers.

The “Unique DNA⊕ Development”

Creation of inviting and authenic brand experiences

The “Initial Storyboard”: a strong, often very visual, recommendation of what changes should be made in order to launch or transition the product, to innovate it for the now … and to prepare it for the future.

This “Initial Storyboard” serves as the basis of discussion with the client team to then jointly work and agree upon the DNA⊕ direction.

_ Creation of “Final Unique DNA⊕ Storyline “ which includes the Personality & Soul, “Stage-Setting (Scenography)”, Design Development, Spacial Optimization & Guest Experience Concepts.

At the client’s request:  Detailed operational and financial issues in conjunction with the identified changes can be addressed by external specialists sourced from an extensive network of professional partners that Klopf Consulting has successfully worked with in the past.

DNA⊕ Implementation & Setting the Stage

Klopf Consulting and its partners can handle Project Management either entirely on behalf of the client or together with the client’s team.

Project cost estimation for the implementation of the agreed DNA⊕ Story Concept.

_ Selection and coordination of multiple partners, such as architects, builders, craftsmen, designers, graphic agencies, etc.

Quality control implementation work and adherence to agreed standards

_ Launch support

“The Essential DNA⊕ Fine-Tuning”

All too often, the need for fine-tuning is overlooked, as a standstill creeps in once the concept, implementation and launch phases have passed. Klopf Consulting’s approach can ensure that habit and operational blindness do not set in.

_ Quality Checks & Fine Tuning of DNA⊕ Storyline “LIVE”:

1-month,  3-months, 6-months and 12-months after the launch, but also years later.  Quick evaluation if DNA⊕ promise has been met and is actually being lived by the client.

Improvement solutions: subtle, attainable and creative ideas that make a huge impact to the overall guest and product experience.


Growing up internationally and with passion for different cultures, I became very early aware of different lifestyles, expectations, habits, traditions, approaches, needs, tastes, and ways of doing and thinking about things.

Numerous years in creative & marketing positions in the US, France, UK and Austria allowed me to develop the necessary skills in brand concept definition, style-thinking & project management.

What feels good and right?

What could be improved often with simple tweaks?

What is missing?

What is it that you actually do?

I focus on identifying, developing and differentiating the DNA⊕, namely the essential personality of a lifestyle product or experience that make it appealing.  Once that DNA is tangible, it’s much easier for the consumer to distinguish what you offer from the competition.

What did you study to come to do what you are now doing?

My background is actually classical Business and Marketing studies (both in France and the US) and numerous years in demanding consumer marketing functions in large corporations in the US, France, the UK and Austria.

Why did you leave the corporate environment and security?

I realized my dream was not to climb the corporate ladder forever and that I wanted to be more independent, working on diverse projects with a broad range of clients.

I enjoy being able to pursue a more personalized approach with enthusiasm and a creativity that’s helped me to develop a certain expertise in the Scenography and Staging of products and consumer experiences.

How do you approach a project?

For me, every project is bespoke. I closely accompany my clients and their internal teams.

My approach places the customer experience and environment at the center, while also always remaining conscious of my clients’ operative and budgetary requirements.  I love the challenge of coming up with unique, creative and effective solutions that do not cost a fortune!

What type of clients do you work for mainly?

_ Private investors: who are keen to add value to their assets, which can be existing or planned boutique hotels, spas,  and other real estate developments, but also lifestyle products in broad range of sectors.

_ Hotel Management Operating companies: who value an independent eye and receiving fresh insights on the actual lifestyle experience, which is very different from the standard mystery testing approach.

_ Independent hotel owners: who want to uniquely and efficiently update their value proposition and create a memorable experience for their guests.

and more than 15 years of work experience at

Int. Retail Boutique Development Manager and part of a 2‑Member Team of Special Project: US Market Development for CEO

_ Paris | France
_ Bregenz | Austria
_ New York, NY | US

Assistant Buyer: HQ Buying Office in New York, NY  Product Selection, Retail and Inv. Management responsibilities in Gold and Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire Offices for US and international markets.

_ New York, NY | US

Intensive MBA Training Marketing Program: Marketing Assistant on their consumer group brands o.b. and Stayfree.

_ New Brunswick, NJ | US
_ Salzburg | Austria

European Marketing Director for all stores in five markets (France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain)

_ London | UK

Launch Marketing Manager within Start-Up Team of Leisure Real Estate / Hotel Project

_ Paris | France

Marketing Team Member of Grand Opening Crew of the European Park Project.

_ Paris | France

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